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Determined: The Story of Big Blue Walkinghood

Determined: The True Story of Big Blue Walkinghood

Luman Slade’s “Big Blue” series, featuring Big Blue Walkinghood, Granny George, Grandpa Scaredypants, and a host of other lively characters will captivate children from age eight to ninety-eight.

The setting is a funky and frightening place called Dark Forest, and the time is the late 1800’s. The colorful language and rich history of that era is embedded into each chapter. Suspense and humor are cleverly woven together to create stories that will endure.

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Determined: The Story of Big Blue Walkinghood

Wrath of the Wicked

The year is 1895, the setting is Dark Forest. A year has gone by since Big Blue and Little Red delivered a curse that reduced Wicked Witch of the East into a harmless toad. Wrath of the Wicked continues that story. The difference now is that the young girls now have allies.

Orville and Wilbur have joined them to face new and even bigger challenges. Luman Slades new story, like all of his stories, combines entertainment and education into a delightful tale that will endure. His books are also beautifully illustrated. Children from age six to ninety six will love this story.

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Swamp Things

Swamp Things: The Final Adventure

Big Blue Walkinghood and her friends are faced with a new threat. Vicious predators have invaded Dark Forest and they are attacking everything and everybody. Pigeonpoop becomes a town in distress. In this, the final book in The Big Blue series, Big Blue and her friends are in the biggest life-and-death struggle ever.

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Determined: The Story of Big Blue Walkinghood

There’s a Bear in the Raspberry Patch

There’s a Bear in the Raspberry Patch is a young boy’s story of his adventures at his grandparent’s cabin in the woods of northern Michigan. Every page is filled with delightful nature scenes.

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